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Play In 4K

Enhance your video game from 1080p to 4k 

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Improve the look of your game with 3 enhancement levels of 4K.

What if your Nintendo Switch could output video at resolutions beyond 1080p? With 4K Gamer Pro the 1080P output is automatically upscaling to 4k resolution without any lag. You can also choose between 3 different levels to get the most comfortable visual gaming experience.

See the real time comparison

*Please make sure your youtube playback is set to 4K*

Powerful Performance

The 4K Gamer Pro offers a new level of video enhancement to ensure you get the best gaming experience ever. With a 20% increase in sharpness, coloring, and depth of field compared to our previous models, we’ve achieved new levels of picture quality for Switch games. 

4k Gamer Pro (high performance mode) vs 4k Gamer+

Enjoy A Better Depth of Field

Using AI imaging processing, 4K Gamer Pro identifies the focused object in the image and enhances its quality and sharpness to amplify the depth and details in each layer.

No Lag Or Drop In FPS

After months of researching and testing, we’ve succeeded in ensuring a true 4K upscale experience with NO drop in frames (even after the image quality is improved).

Advanced Image Sharpening

By enhancing the object’s contrast, segmentation, and edges, the 4K Game Pro creates a clarity and sharpness while minimizing jagged images.

Intense Color Processing

By increasing the contrast of low-light images we brought more detail to life in each frame. Even though saturation is not applied due to the increased contrast, brightening the image in this way makes it look more vivid.


Enhancement Tech

With correlation compensation technology 4K Gamer Pro insert points, set the color value of existing pixels as the basis, assign color values ​​to pixels in adjacent intervals, perform color operations in four vertical and horizontal dimensions, and insert pixels after the operation to convert the 1080p image to 4K.

Not just for the Switch!

4K Gamer Pro is designed to work for more than just the Nintendo Switch. Its unique digital processors also offer support for the PS4, Wii U, Apple TV, and Chromecast!

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How to setup?

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